My Story Into design

Hey, I’m so glad you made it here! I’m Anmol Arora, a 22-year old guy who’s passionate about the field of product design. I recently graduated as a Cognitive Science (Design and Interaction) student from UCSD this past June, and am currently seeking a full-time role (or internship) in product/UX design.

Good design is all about telling a good story, so I want to tell you my story into product design. I’ve always stayed up late nights analyzing human behavior, of both myself and those around me. No, it’s not always a healthy habit, but ever since I’ve been a kid I loved seeing patterns and trends. I’ve found it really cool to see how we as humans approach different situations and in different contexts in a variety of ways. I think this is what led me to want to study Cognitive Science when I started school at UCSD in 2016, which was at the intersection of technology and psychology.

I took my first design class, the Design of Everyday Things (inspired by the great Don Norman’s book) in the fall of my second year, and since then I was fascinated with this idea of design-thinking to solve real problems and provide innovation. As I got more and more experiences I started transitioning this design-thinking mindset into a more holistic approach of product-thinking. I understood how to work in constraints, and use designs to help users achieve their goals, which in turn would lead to success from a business perspective.

I pride myself on being user-centric and intentional. As a designer also really passionate about users, I love connecting and empathizing with individuals to understand their stories. In turn, I want to make sure my design work is grounded in both those user and decision goals, and ensure that I can connect every single design decision to some proper rationale. And then I love seeing the joy in user’s faces when I present them with a new design or prototype that excites them and that they feel would provide them genuine value. 

As you can see in my portfolio, I enjoy writing and elaborating whenever I can. I’m always up for the challenge of explaining my rationale and my decision-making, whether that be teammates, stakeholders, or external clients. And I’m never afraid to challenge the status quo and ask the simple question of “why”, always making sure that we can back up the decisions we’re making in our user and business goals. 

I approach design from a "problem-solving" perspective, and have never been the most artistic. I am, however, very detail-oriented, and I am pushing myself to improve my visual design skills by studying design systems used by big companies, reading about grids, and doing daily UI challenges.

TL;DR - I'm a recent graduate from UCSD's Cognitive Science (Design & Interaction) program. I pride myself on being a designer who enjoys research and is very user-centric. I try to be intentional whenever I can, connecting each of my design decisions to push forward user and business goals. I am also getting more experience with visual design, and actively trying to improve my skills in this area. I'm currently looking for full-time roles (or internships) in product/UX design, and open to research roles as well. Please contact me if you have any opportunities, want to collaborate, or just need a friend.

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